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Lauren lacked confidence coming into the program and we truly never understood the harriers she faced. Size set forth so much effort and I believe we’ll see her hard work pay off On Feb. 1st she received her first quarter report card and the teachers comment was that Lauren has strong reading skills. She fell into the 50% in fall and winter. I am really looking forward to spring testing to see the difference. We are very thankful to have found this resource so close to school and home. Thank you Amber!

I would really like to give you an update in 6 months, we are very excited and hopeful in Connor’s developmental growth. I think it only fair to him to allow these areas to grow before I decide a final opinion. He knows now that he has the “tools” and that they are in working order, now it is up to him and us as parents to help him learn to use them and grow.

Joni H.

I tried a different vision therapy program in the past and felt that the staff weren’t interested in why I was there. But at CVC it was totally different!
The program was designed to fix my problem and the staff was great! Always friendly and concerned with my needs! My Vt also created home work for me to do to help me over come some difficulties. Even though I didn’t always want to do my homework I did because even after the 1st week I was seeing improvements! Now when I go back to get my masters degree this fall I don’t have to worry about getting migraines from my
reading assignments! Thanks CVC!

Athena G.

Before CVC Sam was struggling in school. He couldn’t identify letters, was very shy and fearful. He had an “I can’t” attitude. After CVC therapy he not only knows his letters but can read. He is no longer shy, is now eager to try new things, and now has a “watch what I can do!” attitude. The teachers at his school can’t believe he’s the same child. He used to always look down and not smile much when he was in public places. Now he greats people with a big smile. He is now a happy and
confident child. He may always have to work harder than others but he can see what he has achieved through therapy and it gives him the drive to keep working hard.

Thank you Amber and everyone at CVC!!

C. Jensen

After trying special education, a private tutor (who is a retired teacher), and much extra time spent at home trying to improve Paul’s reading, spelling, and comprehension skills we are thrilled with his work at vision therapy. He no longer hates school and eagerly reads for leisure. We also appreciated the dyslexia information and strategies.

Thank you for your patience and support for the past 10 months.

P. Medcraft

Although at times the methods and techniques seemed somewhat unconventional, the bottom line is the therapy was a success for our son. We would highly recommend this program to anyone considering it for their child!

C. Carper

His school’s special help teacher referred my son to CVC. Although he wore corrective lenses, he wasn’t able to focus on the board to write down assignments. He was experiencing difficulty with spelling and writing uniformly and legibly. It took him a very long time to complete his assignments. He avoided anything that required writing.

Although I feel it is too early to notice the full effects of his therapy, I have noticed a difference in his penmanship. He still needs prodding and he noticed a difference in his penmanship. He still needs prodding and he avoids writing assignments, but he doesn’t seem to “gaze” into space like before.

Brandon seemed disappointed when it was announced that he finished the program. He enjoyed working with Amber and the program and knew he wouldn’t be coming back each week.

JoAnne L.

We feel that the Vision Therapy has given us a jumpstart to learning. The therapy was such a positive influence for our son. He has begun to show self-confidence and improvement in many areas of his learning.

Patricia H.

Dear Christenson Vision Care Staff;

It has been one year since our daughter started her eye therapy, and it is with delight that I send this letter to you. During her fourth grade year she was in the Title I program and had a difficult time with fluency and comprehension in her
reading. After spending the entire summer, last year vigorously engaging in your therapy and homework she was able to earn an “A” in regular education Reading. This was a huge gain for her.

She is still a cautious reader, but has learned to enjoy reading and now does it for pleasure. The combined efforts of Christianson now does it for pleasure. The combined efforts of Christenson Vision and her 5th grade Reading teacher at Somerset Middle School has definitely improved her level of learning and enjoyment.

Thank you for your help in making this change in her life.


Our Sons self esteem, abilities and desire to learn has increased 100fold. He is so proud of his abilities and is really doing better in school and home. I tell everyone i.e. special ed, ELL and regular teacher about this vision therapy.

Harriet M.

Prior to our vision therapy program, Carter despised reading and struggled with skipping words and entire lines. By the end of therapy, he wants to read anything that he can find. He also has improvement in coordination and more confidence in his movements. We are excited about the progress and his confidence in reading, and look forward to continued improvement. Thank you Pam for your endless smiles and encouragement to Carter, and thank you especially for helping Carter to meet his potential!

Angi G.

During an eye appointment Colton was twitching his eyes and the movement was not normal. Dr. Flynn recommended therapy. We were very impressed with the effort that Amber and Colton put in during the 18 sessions. We believe it has given Colton added confidence in his ability to read and concentrate. Amber was a wonderful resource and answered all my questions and concerns. At the post evaluation Dr. Flynn did not see a At the post evaluation Dr. Flynn did not see a problem with Colton’s eye sight, movement, etc. There were obvious mprovements. We look forward to continued improvements in Colton’s reading and comprehension.

Jodi P.

Double vision was first noted in my child at age 2, when she began running into things. Diagnosed with Strabismus, she began wearing glasses and underwent surgery. These were big improvements until her teen years when one eye would wander (exacerbated by tiredness/stress) and double vision would return. It was uncertain if VT would help since she had surgery on her eye muscles but she was willing to try her best.

Improvement was noted after a few weeks of therapy and being very faithful to the at-home exercises. Check-ups by the doctor also showed improvements. While VT was a totally new concept to us, it did seem to help retrain the brain to control her eye muscles. She has learned techniques to help her make vision corrections as needed. I would recommend it-and the therapists are great at making this medical experience fun!

Diane B. (Mother of patient)

I am sixteen and have had glasses since I was two years old. I have always seen double vision and I always had trouble reading the board in school. I
would get stressed out from headaches and soreness in my eyes every day. When I started vision therapy, I did al the exercises every single day I needed to, and my eyes slowly got better. I didn’t see double vision as much and had fewer headaches. I know the only reason I got better was because I wanted to have an easier time in and out of school so I did the exercises. Now in and out of school, I feel less stress because my eyes and head don’t feel sore as often. I’m glad I gave vision therapy a chance because otherwise, I would still always see double vertically, horizontally,
and off-center. The only way vision therapy will work for you is if you do all the exercises that Amber and Pam think are necessary for your eyes.

Allison B. (Patient)

This program is an awesome program. The staff is great with Kids. My daughter went to Amber and had great success! The program is a lot of work for both parties, but when you see the improvement it is worth it Many eye doctors before we came here couldn’t detect the problem. When we found out what was wrong and what our action plan was going to be, it was such a relief If anyone has a child with eye problems, don’t hesitate to keep searching till you find the right answer IT DOES PAY OFF!!

They are a great team and very friendly. Thanks Amber for everything, you’re AWESOME!!

D. Atherton

My daughter looks forward to her time with Pam. Weekly exercises varied but were always easy enough to understand and carry out at home. Pam went over progress, concerns, and plans every week. There was noticeable difference after only a few weeks. Therapy has corrected one of my daughter’s issues and given her the tools/exercises to help with the other. I would definitely recommend this program.

The therapists and doctors are so important in the process! I couldn’t imagine not doing the therapy or trying to carry it out without the knowledge, guidance and expertise from Pam or the doctors.

Donna W.

I feel that the vision therapy program really helped my son, who is 8 years old. The biggest concern for us was we knew he was capable of reading & comprehending his school work, but it just wasn’t happening. It turned out he had difficulty focusing back & forth from the blackboard (distance) to notebook (near). The exercises Amber had our son do were amazing in working his eye muscles.

It was difficult to think about adding vision therapy homework every night to our already busy schedule, but once we got in the routine, it was not a problem. It only took about 15 minutes per night.

Amber was super with our son, especially if/when he wasn’t in the mood for vision therapy.

All in all, This was a very positive experience for us.

Luree B.

The success we have seen with Kali is more self confidence in reading and in her self. She has gained about 2 yrs in all of her areas; we are veiy excited for her! We are looking forward to her adjusting to her therapy and making even more improvement in the next 6-12 months. Thank you so much Amber and the whole VT team! We really appreciate everything you’ve done!

Ann K.

Greg and I are so thankful to have Katie work with Amber at CVC. Katie has learned to focus and concentrate better. She has learned many skills to use in her studies. This program has been worth the time and energy. We appreciate all the help from all the staff. Thank you.

Carol M.

M. loved going to see Amber and receiving all the accolades and atta girls. homework was another issue. Once we got homework done she was fine. M loved the letter finds and reading the books. She also showed improvement in her reading right away (within a month). Her self confidence in everything has gone up. She loves school again and is excited to read everyday to us (her family). Thank you for your program.

Every week the homework seemed weird, yet here she is reading, so weird is good. Thank you Amber ☺

The Wurst Family

I have double vision and was having trouble with depth perception. I tried two sets of glasses each being used for a different reason. One helped with depth perception for distance and the other set helped with depth perception in the middle ground. Both were ultimately unwearable. I was skeptical about vision therapy. I felt it wasn’t, “real medicine”, and that my age made it pointless. I was certain that the “right” prescription could be found to fix my vision problems. I didn’t want to pay more money after just having purchased two sets of glasses.

I have been astonished by the improvement in my vision since completing VPT. I did the home exercises fairly regularly (like flossing my teeth!). Also, by having the therapist explain to me what each exercise did and why that was important, it was easier to commit to the exercises and get the benefit. The therapist also explained the relationship between eye muscles and brain “messages”; having my eye not really involved means the brain doesn’t fully register the image. Working the muscle activates the brain to register the image properly, or at least better. The therapist was very patient, unfailingly good humored, friendly, and always professional. Her deliberate face and soft spoken style made the whole process relaxed and easy, not high pressured or hurried. Each session was well planned and the home exercises supported them.

I have been very pleased with the process and the results I’ve achieved via VPT. The adjustments are increasingly effortless, a sign that the eye muscles have strengthened and are now working together. I wish I’d done this before seeking a prescription glasses and suggest patients try VPT first.

Priscilla W.

Lauren’s eyes began to track together on their own. I am using my “2 finger signal” less and less.

Mary C.

Jacque’s self-confidence increased significantly. You provide a loving, caring environment which allowed Jacque to excel at each task you gave her. As a result, Jacque is now able to follow along in class instead of constantly being lost. Her oral reading skills improved greatly. All of these improvements helped Jacque to be seen in a “different light” by her peers.

Kris T.

We didn’t know Jennifer could not cross her eyes. After several months of muscle therapy, her happiest day came when she said, “Look Mom”, and both of her eyes were crossed inward and down. With her improved eye training, her reading has improved. Before she would skip entire lines of reading, but that has greatly diminished.

Susan H.

I have seen improvement is letter reversals both when reading material and writing material. Margaret’s tudy habits have improved.

Laura L.

I do not have anymore “episodes” and I love the ersonal aspect of the program. I am going to miss the weekly meetings and the personal touch.

Allyson S.

My son can read the smaller prints. He can also ride is bike because of the depth perception. He can read he road signs as we pass in the car. His hand held games are easier to read. He can finally cross his eyes nd see his nose. Which he has better judgment of distance. The therapist helped immensely on keeping him focused and on task.

Joleen B.

Payton has become more confident in her school work and personally. Getting her to do her homework has become much easier. Her grades have improved as well. Not only has her vision improved, but her time management, self confidence and math skills have too! ! ! ! Every minute we spend doing homework was worth it. Most of it was even fun. Amber did a great job of encouraging and pushing Payton to do her best.

Karen B.

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