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His main improvement was in his reading along with the speed and enjoyment. He likes reading now.

Paula D.

There has been a great improvement in Abberly’s reading. She can work or long periods of time writing and reading. She has made great gains in all areas. We are pleased with the results and have sent 2 friends here who are now receiving vision therapy. We would recommend vision therapy to anyone whose child is having reading struggles.

Lisa S.

Katie showed a tremendous amount of responsibility in doing her homework for eye therapy. She has taken/ or achieved pride in her penmanship. Her organizational skills have improved as well. Katie no longer complains of being tired every time she is supposed to read something. Katie looked forward to coming to each visit to show Amber what she had improved on since her last visit.

Pam W.

Pam was wonderful! She really made a big difference. Michael used to avoid reading. Now it seems less frustrating for him. I am very glad we did this therapy.

Angie S.

As you know Maria was very frustrated at school, and flat out did not want to read. After a year of “reading help” at school, she made no progress. After 32 sessions with Pam made a world of difference and Maria now LOVES to read! She reads everything, all the time!

Thank you- thank you — thank you! Please use me for a reference!!

Laura B.

Dan started therapy during school and was having trouble in his class. By the end of therapy we have seen an incredible amount of improvement in him as well as his grades, abilities and his pleasure in reading. His teacher has commented and praised him on his improved performance.

Brad S.

I know I will continue to see the results of this program in the future. I have already seen improvement in regards to Heather’s ability to do homework more independently. She relies on me much less now. She completed all her at home work for vision therapy very enthusiastically! She sees the results as well; I think that’s why she has worked so hard! Of course that also has to do with her therapist working with her so hard and being positive and caring!!!

Terri S.

He can make eye contact with people and can read material for a longer period of time. Eric never complained about reading with the therapist.

Kathy P.

Alex has shown improvement with his self esteem, distinguishing letters, and concentration. His AD/HD diminished, along with the fluency in reading, writing and formation of the letters along with the sequence.

-Alex no longer has an ASD or ADHD label as it has been diminished in symptoms since the program attendance. He has since been tested as gifted and this program has helped him overcome a great deal of his learning disabilities.

Heidi B.

Michelle is just now “turning the corner” to liking school subjects such as math. Previously she was shut down. Her mantra was “I can’t do it.” We have re-learned to do, but now she says “oh now I get it!” Before therapy Michelle’s overall morning attitude leaving for school was one of simple resignation, like “this is what I have to do”. Today she consistently leaves for school cheery, bubbly and much more confident.

Susan H.

His reading has improved dramatically. The vision therapy has improved his hand/eye coordination and has helped him in his everyday life. His baseball playing has really improved and he was very proud that he could catch the ball! I highly recommend this program.

Melissa M.

We have seen Alec read a little quicker with fewer errors. He has greatly improved on how fast he can read. We are anxious for him to get back to school so he can be tested for words per minute. I’m guessing that by the end of the school year we will have a much better idea of how much impact the therapy had.

Heidi G.

Sandi is an excellent therapist. Shayne made wonderful improvements in many areas including coordination and tracking with his eyes.

Kim D.

I’m absolutely amazed at the progress. His teacher says his attitude has greatly improved and Mike no longer complains about headaches. His schoolwork is easier and his piano skills have improved! Altogether he’s much more confident in all areas of like and not frustrated with life anymore! We love the therapist and the kindness, diligence and helpfulness we have received.

Laura J.

This program has shown Daniel that he has an eye problem. With work he can read better and faster. Concentrating and keeping focused, means he can read longer and not get frustrated. He is more positive about reading. Homework isn’t so hard anymore.

Linette H.

Sam has made significant improvement in the time it takes to complete items of school work. His frustration level is lowered allowing him to use his time more effectively. He still does not “love” reading; however I catch him reading more and more items that he is interested in. The program confirmed what his dad and I already knew. Sam did not have an LD problem, he was smart and comprehensive of information was good, he just had trouble getting into his brain was he was seeing with his eyes.

P.S. I want to commend CPT”‘ for it’s sliding scale in treatment, assuring “no child left behind”.

Lisa F.

I would like to thank everyone at CVC for all of the professional help with our daughter Jordan. The time and money spent was well worth every penny and second. Jordan is now able to focus on things better and has less headaches. One real obvious thing that stood out is before therapy she would close one eye to look at the violin when playing, but now Cal play and focus on the violin with both eyes open.

Tim B.

I would recommend any child to vision therapy that has problems reading. Our son Adam was struggling with reading before we started vision therapy. When Adam was tested we found he had weak eye muscles. Pam worked with Adam building the muscles in his eyes over a long period of time. Pam is very dedicated to the kids that she works with. She always has a smile on her face and always very kind. Vision therapy has helped Adam more that what I expected.

Rich and Loraine N.

We enjoyed the program very much. Amber was wonderful on motivating and understanding my daughter’s issues and getting the most “work” out of her. We are hoping to see more improvement in school-work and sports this year. Thank you for offering this
unknown therapy.

Cheri M.

I would highly recommend the Vision Therapy Program at Christenson Vision Care to anyone it is suggested to. Dr. Christenson and the Vision Therapy Staff were all wonderful to work with and made my daughter feel very comfortable, and even excited to go to her sessions. My daughter has always been a very good reader, which made it difficult for me to understand why she didn’t like to read. Now that she’s completed the vision therapy program, I understand she now loves to read and it is because of this program. This has helped to make her eyes stronger and work the way in which they are supposed to work. Not only is it easier for her to read, but the headaches she was suffering from have improved greatly. I wouldn’t think twice about referring this program to anyone!

Kathy J.

My son seems to be able to read faster with fewer errors. It was difficult to keep him on track with homework, but it seems to have been well worth it! My complaint would be that for the money we spent, I felt like most of the grunt work was done by us at home, verses by a therapist who knows what they are doing.

Jennifer S.

Zack is able to see the chalkboard better at school and he can see the baseball coming in as he is hitting. Zack has had less eye strain and few if any headaches. Zach is more confident and secure, because he was given skills to help him succeed.

Laura M.

Anna had difficulty decoding words, was a very slow reader and was far behind grade level in comprehension. Vision therapy has helped Anna focus her eyes so that they track in a more coordinated way on the page, has helped her decoding skills and thus comprehension. Luckily, she has -not ever been daunted by her struggles, but she has remarked on how much easier it is to read now. Pan is a master teacher, and we have really enjoyed working with her. She is so encouraging and easy to work with.

Thank you so much! My only regret is that I’ve run out of children to
bring for vision therapy!

Ellen M.

Just after 8-9 sessions, I noticed how Austin started reading street signs and billboards!

Now- In church, Austin will follow along in the hymnal. On Christmas Eve, Austin followed along, that made my heart sing!

Now- Austin uses strategies to sound out words he doesn’t recognize right away.

Now- Austin will notice when I read a word incorrectly!

Dana T.

Thank you Pam and all those at Christenson Vision Care! My 9 year old son has struggled with school and particularly reading since kindergarten. He has had low self esteem as a result. Since he received eye therapy, he is a new person. He feels much more confident and is working hard to learn to read. We have work ahead of us, but as a parent I have hope for the first time in helping my child. Now that we are aware of my child’s weaknesses, we know where to work most. His future seems brighter now, and I thank you.

Anne O.

Dominick’s confidence level is much higher. He is excited and wants to read every day. He just started back to school in 2nd grade and he is so excited to go to school.

Dori M.

Vaughn was having a lot of problems in his school work, he was also having problems with his confidence level. He was told many times that he could not read or that he had bad reading skills. This was not only heart breaking for us, Vaughn was starting to believe everything that he was being told. When Vaughn started vision therapy we were skeptical, and think he was too. Slowly we saw changes not only with his academics, but also with his confidence. Vaughn worked real hard at therapy and also at home with his home therapy. He was excited to reach the goals that Pam had set for him. Every level he reached and passed Pam had something new and exciting to teach him and kept him interested.

I have always seen great things in my son’s future. Because of the help he received from CVC I know he won’t have to struggle so hard to see it for himself. Thank you Christenson Vision Care.

Dawn B.

Almost immediately we noticed an improvement in Oliver’s self esteem and confidence! We believe it can be attributed to the staffs treatment and encouragement of Oliver and his success at being able to do the exercises with success at home and during his sessions at CVC.

After completion of the program, we noticed Oliver’s willingness to read and his ability to read dramatically improved! We were also pleased by is end of program testing- his own improved self esteem and confidence and reading ability is the true measurement of success of vision therapy.

Martha S.

Cory’s attitude towards his homework improved. His concentration lasts
longer. His behavior towards homework is much better. Less effort is spent on everything he does mainly because his eyes are working better together.

Of course I can recommend this program! When Tom started he already had a good handle on his struggles and reading, writing and spelling. But to understand that his eyes weren’t working as a team, it seems to empower him to work very hard during therapy
sessions and doing therapy at home. We are seeing improvement at school; his reading is getting smoother his tutor-context reading shows great improvement. His writing and spelling are improving. For being not sure what vision therapy was all about
when we started, it’s been truly amazing to see Tom blossom. Last but not least, it’s very rewarding to finally have people show how just getting a pair of glasses won’t correct a vision problem, and how the eyes need to work as a TEAM!

Colleen C.

Of course I can and would recommend vision therapy. Bridget was in dire need of vision therapy! Can you imagine our surprise to find out that when she got visually overloaded her one eye would turn off. I’m truly amazed how she managed at school. You have to admire her courage to work at vision therapy. These exercises were very demanding on her due to her eyes not working as a TEAM! She is a top-notch speller-still working on the writing. Her teacher tells me she’s been doing more and more work on her own! Bridget is only 8 years old-vision therapy has given her the tools to make sense out of everything.

Colleen C.

I have a lot more self confidence. I know now that I am the same as a lot of other people. I enjoy reading more now. I am also very excited to go back to school and learn with some help from other people.

Thank you!
Grant B.

Caroline’s mantra before beginning your program was: I hate reading!! Yet I knew she was an intelligent curious girl who loved books. During some of her vision therapy, I’ll admit, I was skeptical. She seemed to breeze through the exercises, and I wasn’t seeing much change in her reading habits. Then, near the end and when addressing one specific issue, the exercises got really hard for her. There were tears of frustration, tension and anger. After some counseling” calls with Pam who then tailored the exercises to reduce frustration and increase success-she got back to work. Those exercises must have addressed the crux of her problem, because not
long after, Caroline came into my bedroom one night to proclaim joyously, Mom!! I can’t put this book down!!! She now reads herself to bed each night and is not anxious about her 40 – books this year school requirement. We are so grateful to you, Pam ! !

Julie B.

Before vision therapy Sarita avoided reading or quit after 5 minutes. Now she will read 30 minutes without a comment. It is very rewarding seeing her finish books such as Anne of Green


It is wonderful to see Natalie begin to succeed in school. She is much less frustrated. I almost wanted to cry, last week Natalie picked up a book and announced to me that she wanted to go read.

It used to be like pulling teeth to get her to read. Now she sincerely enjoys it.

Sherry P.

The program was wonderful and we have seen a lot of change in Nicholas’s eye habits. He no longer needs to use a magnifying glass. Homework gets done much faster. He is so much happier at school now. All the staff are wonderful, we will miss coming in.

Kim L

Daniel enjoyed vision therapy and became more confident as he increased his skills. It was encouraging to finally figure out why he was having headaches and trouble finishing assignments. Vision therapy has made schoolwork much easier for Daniel. He now has more time for sports and other activities. I wish more teachers understood the value of vision therapy.

Joyce L.

We have seen major gains in most of his areas of need. Even above normal gains. He had 32 visits and saw 5 year improvements in some areas. Our child had been evaluated for ADD prior to finding out about vision therapy. He couldn’t sit still in class and couldn’t work. Since he began therapy he can now sit in class all day and concentrate on doing his work. During his first eye exam, Dr. Christianson couldn’t even test some of the needed tests. At the end of therapy he had another eye exam. The Dr. was able to do those tests and scored above normal range overall. We are extremely pleased with his results.

Sherri M.

I am happy with the visual processing improvement that Bethany has made. I am hoping that her reading skills will continue to improve, as well, as her confidence.

Sheri R.

My child, since completing the vision therapy program, has begun to enjoy reading much more. She never used to want to read and now she picks up books on her own and reads! She no longer complains of seeing double. Pam and Nancy have been wonderful working with my child. Thanks for making it possible for mydaughter to see properly.

Ingrid R.

I see more confidence in his reading and comprehension. He now reads books and articles on his own and is enjoying reading for the first time. is teachers noticed a huge improver in his ability to concentrate… School officials and teachers commented that Chris smiles more and appears to be having more fun at school.

Thomas H.

The results we have seen in Hunter were not necessarily the ones we expected, although we saw improvement in those areas as well. What was encouraging to me was the change in Hunter’s behavior and concentration levels. We saw a much more cooperative Hunter when he was consistently doing his homework and attending sessions. If the amount of homework was reduced or we missed a session we immediately saw a decline in the areas of behavior and concentration. Hunter is doing much better in school particularly in his willingness and ability in the area of reading. His esteem and confidence are better in that for the first time in a two year period Hunter approached a peer to play with him (this is a big deal)

Natalie B.

Tom and I are very happy with the results of the program. We feel the program is worth the time and money. Our daughter loved working with the therapist and her results were excellent. We are fortunate to have this center in Western Wisconsin. We recommend it highly!

Rundie M.

For the first time my son is interested in reading. He has read 4 chapter books all on his own! He asks me to take him to the library. I can see Kevin’s self confidence improving. He is thrilled to be able to figure out words and not doubt himself so much. School has always been tough for him and he struggles so – we are very encouraged for 4th grade to start because I know and he knows that the tools Pam has taught him will last a lifetime! Thank God for CVC!

Ann K.

Mariah enjoyed coming to CVC everyday we had an appt. She is proud of herself and how far she’s come. Mariah’s reading has improved, which is what we’ve been hoping for.

Heidi S.

Brian’s reading is smoother. He doesn’t complain about reading tasks as much as he did before, and he can read for longer periods. He used to complain of “brain storms” when he was reading. His concentration on visual tasks is better.

D & M Zweber

Peter’s reading level jumped almost 2 years! He was at below grade level and now is reading above grade level. His comprehension has also improved immensely. He can read for longer times without strain, so his interest in reading has exploded! He seems better able to figure out difficult words independently. He reads now with better expression and fluency. I am so pleased with his improvement. He loved Sandi, his therapist, and he wanted to keep coming back after his sessions ended.

J. Driever

Sereena could not get her eyes to focus and as a result I believe this is why she suffered headaches, dizziness and exhaustion during a normal school day. Since starting and completing eye therapy I have not heard any of these complaints from her. We are very pleased with the results.

Kelly B.

Alex can read alot better. He is reading more smoothly and able to problem solve his reading situations better. Alex was getting a “D” in reading and now has improved to a “C” letter grade. I feel it will get better as he practices the skills given to him at CVC.

Teresa S.

Cody has come such a long way since starting vision therapy. He started vision therapy reading at a pre-K level. Now he can read at almost the 2nd grade level, where he’s supposed to be. He likes school so much better and his self-image has improved so much. I was a skeptic at first but was willing to try anything to help Cody like school better and improve his reading skills. I am no longer skeptical-vision therapy has been wonderful and I would highly recommend it to anyone. We have very much enjoyed working with Pam. She has a wonderful way with kids and Cody really enjoyed vision therapy instead of it being “work”. Thanks for everything Pam!!

Lori L.

Brennan quickly realized that Pam wanting him to succeed-this gave him the confidence to try. Brennan’s self confidence was very low when starting the program. We have seen this change dramatically. With each step of progress he made, he was more willing to try something new. Pam was excellent in working with Brennan. She challenged him, motivated him and gave him the confidence to believe he can do it. Through this and the skills he learned we have seen a lot of growth and are now able to go on and continue to build on this foundation. We are extremely pleased with the vision therapy program. Thank you.

Debbie P.

I have seen great success in the Vision Therapy Program with little to no eyestrain and very few headaches while reading and working on the computer. All in all I feel it was worthwhile to go through the program and am very pleased with the results.

Lacie G.

We brought Drew to Dr. Christenson because he had been having trouble focusing on near tasks and did not enjoy doing them. His Writing skills were far below average and though he was on track with reading it was an arduous task for him. Now his writing has improved tremendously and reversals have pretty much disappeared with both reading and writing. He can read for 20 minutes an evening with no evidence of tiring (this is quite a bit for grade 1). He draws and paints voluntarily. Before therapy, Drew had never drawn a picture or colored at home, now be enjoys it. He wasn’t at the age where his confidence was affected, but I am sure eventually this would have been an issue. We are so appreciative of what this has done for Drew.

Lisa P.

It helped Sean to read without skipping lines. The memory techniques, such as the Presidents, were also very helpful.

Nora S.

Her handwriting has now become legible. Her spelling is much more accurate. She is able to track from line to line when reading books/stories in her reader. Hannah is readily completing homework and staying on task to complete it in a more appropriate timeline. She is able to move more fluently in sporting activities because she can identify her spatial orientation much more quickly. She has developed strategies that help her compensate for visual weaknesses allowing her to be more successful. Thanks for helping us.

Michelle Z.

Matt’s reading is more fluent and seems more confident in reading out loud. I notice Matt reading more (i.e. picking up magazines) even the local newspaper. Matt’s grades have improved immensely. The one on one he received from Pam is greatly appreciated and I can’t thank her enough for the effort she put into working with Matt.

LuAnn W.

Cole genuinely enjoyed himself. His self-image has improved due to not= having to wear his glasses, and he now has the skills necessary to avoid problems with double vision. We are very pleased with the results of his therapy.

Kim B.

The constant headaches Tera was having have gone away. She would become frustrated when reading, get a headache, and quit. Now she asks to read, enjoys it and doesn’t complain of a headache!

Victoria T.

I struggled all my life thinking I couldn’t learn, comprehend and retain. When my child came home with problems my heart went out to her. Thanks to the referral from Dr. Dan Satterlund we found Christenson Vision Care and finally the problems have a name. Thanks so much for making sense of all this and helping Lauren. I feel this is a very necessary investment in our child’s life just like orthodontics. One aids the physical beauty and the other the inner beauty. Every dime spent was worth it. Seeing and hearing Lauren doing better in school makes my heart soar. Thanks so much Pam and all along with the staf f for giving Lauren confidence and the tools for Life! You’re Great!

Brenda W.

To be able to see and process what you see is a miraculous gift. I have seen the fear and frustration in my son when that process/ability is impaired. I am so thankful for the wonderful team at Christenson Vision Care that has helped my son to see clearly and read. The time we have spent here has been a tremendous process to witness. You all have encouraged and supported us and I thank you. My son now reads smoothly and happily. He can catch a ball and he’s not so afraid to be in new environments. His self-esteem has come back and he’s happy and confident again. I wish more teachers, doctors, and parents knew about the miraculous benefits of vision therapy-if they talk to me I am sure to tell them all about it! Thank you!

Nissa T.

My son felt it was easier to read and stay focused in class. He is able to -look up at the board, then onto the paper and to see clearly. He can write smaller and better now. He can also spell better and it really helped in baseball as he became a good hitter!!

Paula D.

Nate had a very difficult time reading. We have noticed tremendous improvement in his reading skills following vision therapy. His confidence has greatly increased. He feels good about his reading skills and about himself!

Janice J.

Sydnee was struggling with reading in the 1st grade. They performed all the testing and couldn’t find out why she struggled. They asked us to have her tested for vision therapy, and that was the beginning of our journey to resolve her reading problem. Sydnee now is able to read with more confidence and accomplishment. We have just begun tutoring, and in two hours she accomplished what would be expected in one day of school. We are so pleased with the results of vision therapy. It has made such a difference in our lives.

Heather B.

Geneva’s reading is much more fluid and accurate than it was at the beginning of therapy. Her concentration is noticeably improved. Her willingness to tackle homework and reading assignments is likewise improved. She hasn’t complained of headaches for some time.

Moria B.

I’ve seen great improvement in Ryan’s cooperation, hand and eye coordination. His reading is improved. I feel therapy helped him tremendously. I started to notice significant improvement after about 4 sessions. I would definitely recommend this program!

Cindy G.

Caitlin has gained confidence in reading and she seems to memorize her spelling words easier. Copying from one page to another when she draws has improved also.

Becky W.

It is impossible to write an adequate thank you note for Christenson Vision Care, we spent 4-1/2 unsuccessful years at more than 4 different, quality facilities, attempting to find the key missing to Matthew’s future. You not only found that key, but unlocked a bright and promising future for him. Words cannot express my eternal gratitude to you. Through your services, he was correctly diagnosed, and promptly treated with vision therapy and multisensory language therapy. Your staff was patient, supportive, and incredibly generous with their time. It was through these services, that we began to see a different
child. For the first time he started writing phone messages down, having the confidence that someone could read it. The first message he wrote I held and cried. Because for the first time I started to see confidence, and a positive self image. It has been 5 years since Matthew went through your therapy program, he has made an 8 year progression in his reading in those 5 years. He is in entirely regular education classes, including English, and has been on the “A” honor roll as a freshman in high school. He excels in football, wrestling, weight lifting, and track. He has competed at the state level for Odyssey of the Mind, (an academic program) 3 out of 4 years. He is an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. He has also spent 3 weeks backpacking in New Mexico, having to rely on reading a map to find his way. All of these accomplishments are his, because you saw a problem. You gave him the key, the tools necessary to unlock the mystery of dyslexia. As he became more successful, his self confidence began to grow. It was a slow process, but you instilled in him, the strength to continue to fight. He no longer felt alone in his battle. Dyslexia is a cruel condition, but more cruel, would be to leave it undiagnosed. Thank you for giving Matthew a second chance. Thank you for giving him the tools and strategies to become “anything” he wants to be. His future holds promise, because of your promise to never give up.

Margaret B.

I see great improvement in my son, towards all aspects. His concentration greatly improved. His comprehension has improved also. I see a more calm and relaxed attitude towards his school work and behavior. He is much more confident in all aspects. I highly recommend vision therapy. He is like a whole different person since he started with the program. He also enjoyed coming to therapy.

Pam is just great with him.

Cindy G.

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