Evelyn Martinez – Director

As the Practice Coordinator, Evelyn is there to answer your questions and provide support for you throughout the vision therapy process. She is the first one you will meet after your appointment with the doctor. Evelyn may assist with intake procedures such as the Visual Processing Evaluation and the Consultation.

Pam Nazer – Vision Therapist

Pam has been a vision therapist since 1998. With over 20 years of experience, Pam brings her knowledge of children, education, and creativity to the clinic. Her education includes x-ray technician training and elementary education studies. Her interest in vision therapy began when her daughter was diagnosed with Amblyopia in 1996.

As one of our Vision Therapists, Pam is there to provide therapeutic care to you or your child. She is the one you will meet with each session once you have decided to do therapy. Pam is there to make sure you are meeting all your treatment goals by evaluating each session, finding new therapeutic goals, and prescribing techniques to practice at home.

Nick Larson – Visual Conditioning Coach

Nick is our lead Visual Conditioning Coach (VCC) at Eye Zone. Nick is a strong leader whose background with kids, athletic aptitude and commitment to success contribute to his prowess as a (VCC). Following a notable wrestling career at Hudson High School, one which saw Nick break the all-time school record for wins, Nick attended the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, graduating with a degree in psychology. After completion of his undergraduate studies, Nick worked as an Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapist assisting children on the autism spectrum with their academic and social skill development. In the spring of 2017, Nick began his time at Eye Zone working as a Vision Therapist (VT). Additionally, Nick played a vital role in bringing the launch of Eye Zone’s sports vision training program to fruition. Certification from the College of Vision Development (COVD) as a VT and a strong knowledge of the requisites for athletic success make Nick uniquely qualified to enhance the visual skills and athletic performance of prospective Eye Zone athletes.