What is done at the Sensory Motor Evaluation (SME)?

The first step in determining if vision therapy is necessary for you or your child is to complete an eye examination with either Dr. Christenson or Dr. Flynn at Christenson Vision Care. Dr. Christenson and Dr. Flynn have had specialized training in pediatric optometry and vision therapy. While part of the evaluation may look like a typical eye exam, our exams go well beyond determining if the vision is 20/20. Other visual skills needed for efficient and comfortable vision, such as eye teaming and eye focusing, are evaluated. These skills can have a significant effect on reading performance. After the evaluation, the doctor may recommend a VPE for further assessment if visual processing problems are suspected.

What is a Visual Processing Evaluation (VPE)?

A VPE is an evaluation that looks at how visual information is being processed. This evaluation takes about an hour to an hour and a half and is usually done in the morning on a separate day than the SME. Areas evaluated include:

  • Letter Reversal Frequency (confusing b,d,p,q)
  • Visual Sequential Memory
  • Eye Tracking (related to skipping and re-reading)
  • Visual Motor Integration (copying/written work)
  • Visual Processing Speed (ability to perform a visual task in an acceptable time frame)
  • Dyslexia Testing

What is discussed at the Consultation?

The consultation is a meeting for adults only. At this meeting the results from the SME and the VPE are discussed. The recommended treatment plan is reviewed and explained. It is also at this meeting that recommendations, insurance and payment options are talked about. This meeting typically takes an hour to an hour and a half.

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