What Others Are Saying

“His reading has improved dramatically. The vision therapy has improved his hand/eye coordination and has helped him in his everyday life. His baseball playing has really improved and he was very proud that he could catch a ball! I highly recommend this program.”
– Melissa M.

“I am absolutely amazed at the progress. His teacher says his attitude has greatly improved and Mike no longer complains about headaches. His schoolwork is much easier and his piano skills have improved! Altogether he’s much more confident in all areas of life and not frustrated with life anymore! We love the therapist and the kindness, diligence and helpfulness we have received.”
– Laura J.

“Tom and I are very happy with the results of the program. We feel the program is worth the time and money. Our daughter loved working with the therapist and her results were excellent. We are fortunate to have this center in Western Wisconsin. We recommend it highly!”
– Rundie M.